Cat Goes Around Wanting Belly Rubs from Everyone After They Fixed His Paw, He's Ready to Be Spoiled House Cat

Cat Goes Around Wanting Belly Rubs from Everyone After They Fixed His Paw, He's Ready to Be Spoiled House Cat


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A cat went around wanting belly rubs from everyone after they fixed his paw. He was ready to be a spoiled house cat.

tabby cat snugglyMoose the cat@puppykittynycity

A stray cat was brought into a veterinary clinic with an injured paw. He couldn't put weight on it and was walking with a limp.

The veterinary team cleaned and treated his paw and reached out to their partner animal rescue, PuppyKittyNYCity, in hopes of getting the big tabby into a foster home.

The kind folks at the rescue didn't hesitate to take him in and named him Moose.

sweet tabby cat@puppykittynycity

They continued treating his paw twice a day with a foot soak. Moose was such a good sport, taking everything in stride as if he knew they were helping him.

After many years of living on the streets, Moose seemed relieved and thankful to have a roof over his head, food to fill his belly and people to cater to him.

snuggly cat tabby@puppykittynycity

With the help of the community, the rescue was able to arrange for a foster home where Moose could continue his recovery. He had a ravenous appetite and an insatiable desire for affection as if he was trying to make up for lost time.

Moose healed up nicely with nutritious food, a comfy place and caring humans to remind him that he was loved.

snuggly tabby catMoose likes to cuddle all the time@puppykittynycity

"He is a sweet boy that enjoys pets. Moose is a chunk of love," the rescue shared.

As soon as Moose got back on his feet, he set out on a mission to seek attention from everyone. If he heard his name, he would immediately walk in the direction of the caller, bump his face into their hand before plopping down on the floor for some belly rubs.

sweet tabby cat affectionateHe walks right up to his people for some face and belly rubs@puppykittynycity

He quickly became the king of hugs and the seeker of snuggles. He would roll around on his back, give a satisfying full-body stretch and then turn his belly toward his people, ready to be pampered.

"He is one of the biggest kitties I have ever met. He is a big boy, full of big love."

big tabby cat bellyMoose likes to roll around on the floor to get attention@puppykittynycity

Moose quickly won over every person at the rescue, and they knew he deserved a wonderful home that would cherish this big fella for life.

"He has a great personality and is great with female cats and humans, but male cats are definitely not his thing."

cat tabby floor rolling@puppykittynycity

After spending most of his life outside fending for himself, Moose was reveling in being an indoor cat. He bore a few scars on his face and ears, but he didn't care so long as he could be a spoiled house cat.

Moose likes to roll around on the floor when he is happy, which is all the time.

cat rolling around belly@puppykittynycity

Moose finally had his dream come true after a few months in foster care. He left the rescue and embarked on a new journey with his forever family at his new home.

sweet cat tabby moose@puppykittynycity

The tabby boy was rough around the edges, walking on a bum paw when he was rescued.

It took a village, but Moose made a full recovery, touched many hearts along the way and eventually found his happily ever after.

cat big tabby catMoose is a big cuddle-bug@puppykittynycity

Now, he has a family to cuddle with all the time, and there's no shortage of belly rubs in his household.

sweet tabby cat cheeks@puppykittynycity

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