Cat Found in a Warehouse Gives His Best Poses Hoping to Land a Dream Home After 1.5 Years

Cat Found in a Warehouse Gives His Best Poses Hoping to Land a Dream Home After 1.5 Years


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A cat who was found in a warehouse, gives his best poses hoping to land a dream home after 1.5 years.

panther kitty catGavin the cat@withgracerescue

Gavin was found in a warehouse when he was a small kitten desperately needing medical attention. He couldn't use his hindquarters but continued to meow for attention and exhibit a strong will to live.

Jennifer Csenge, a kitten foster carer, took him on and started treating Gavin for a severe infection. Once his condition was stable, he was transported to With Grace, a kitten rescue in Las Vegas, to receive intensive care.

They weren't sure if Gavin would completely heal from the infection or need to be operated on, but by some miracle, he did. The little guy never ceased to amaze his people.

kitten hugsGavin was found in a warehouse with paralysis in his hindquarters@withgracerescue

"With some TLC, we got him all healed and he could then enjoy life as a playful kitten," Danielle Chavez, founder of With Grace, told Love Meow. "I knew this little guy had such fight in him and there would be no stopping him."

Gavin has mobility challenges but has figured how to get around by scooting. He is determined to do anything just like other cats.

happy kittenHe healed from a severe infection and other ailments with his strong will@withgracerescue

He's also befriended many foster kittens in the house, and can hold his own when he wrestles with bigger cats and scampers around with his 4-legged friends.

"He zooms around the house so fast, arguably faster than our cats on four legs. He just has a zest for life and it is a joy to watch him love his life."

kitten paralyzedDespite his paralysis, Gavin can play and climb just like other kitties@withgracerescue

Gavin was introduced to Denny, a grey kitten who is also paralyzed. Gavin showered him with baths as if he knew just what Denny needed. They watched cat TV by the sliding door and snuggled with each other when they napped.

Denny has since found his forever home, and Gavin continues to help other foster kittens feel loved.

kitten friendsDenny and Gavin@withgracerescue

Ever since Gavin discovered his first cat condo, he's been an adept climber. The little panther kitty will clamber on any cat tree he can find, and is always vying to get to the top where he surveys the room like a "supervisor".

"He can climb cat trees, get up on the couch, basically do almost anything that a 'normal' cat can do," Danielle shared with Love Meow.

cat climberHe likes to climb to the top of any cat tree@withgracerescue

Gavin is very curious and wants to investigate whatever is going on in the house. When the printer goes off, the clever kitty comes scooting to the source of the sound.

Even though he can't use his hind limbs, it doesn't stop him from chasing his tail and having a good time.

cat diaper cuteGavin is adept at posing to the camera@withgracerescue

Gavin has another talent that he gladly shares with everyone around him. He's a natural when it comes to posing to the camera and is never shy of showing off his adorable face.

Over the past one and a half years, Gavin has given his best poses hoping that a wonderful family will come his way. He's sent off many foster kittens to their forever homes, and is patiently waiting for his own.

panther kitty cat gavin@withgracerescue

"Gavin loves to play with just about any toy, and he adores other cats. We are looking for a home that has another young cat that he can play and grow with."

kitten cat friend@withgracerescue

Aside from needing some assistance to potty three times a day, Gavin is very easy-going. "He wears diapers only to protect him from the floor. Caring for a cat like Gavin is super easy, and there's no litter box to clean."

The sweet boy is unfazed about anything and doesn't let his paralysis slow him down.

gavin catHe's all grown up now@withgracerescue

Gavin continues to run and play his heart out while he searches for his happily-ever-after. "One day, his forever family is going to find him."

thinking cat gavin@withgracerescue

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