Caterpillar Kitty

Caterpillar Kitty


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Some cats love to fit themselves in small containers. It is one of those quirky things that never fail to entertain us, humans. Unlike Maru's obsession for boxes, this kitty (named いっちゃん) adores sleeves and pants. She would hide in a sleeve and peek out on the other side of the "tunnel." Isn't she adorable?

She has a lot of wonderful photos on her blog and lots of funny videos on her YouTube channel. You will get to see her brother too.

Scroll down to see more pictures and a funny video:

Here is a pile of laundry clothes that needs to be washed. The brother is lounging on a towel while the sister is nowhere to be found. Well, look carefully, she is hiding in the pants.

There she is, waving at us! :)


"Feeling a bit squished. Maybe I should get outta it"

"I am workin' on it!"

"I got my head out. It wasn't that bad, right?"

"Gotta get my legs out too..."

"Finally I got out! Let's do it again!"

Here is a video clip that you don't want to miss :).

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