Cats are Masters at Masking Pain

Cats are Masters at Masking Pain


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Cats are very good at concealing their pain. After they get hurt, they try everything they can to mask their discomfort even with a deep gash or a severe  wound. If cats are very ill, they tend to look for a hidden, shallow place, completely secluding themselves from others. Even though your cats do not express it, it does not mean that they are OK.

Their innate survival instinct is the reason why cats mask their pain. Cats are prey to many larger predators. Covering signs of their sickness and injuries is a way for them to hide their weakness and protect themselves from becoming easy targets.

It is important for cat owners to keep tabs on their cats and watch any signs that might indicate a potential health problem before having it discovered at the vet's because by then it may have developed into full-blown stages of various diseases.

Here are signs that we should keep a look out for. Many of them are very subtle and may be hard to detect, so a keen eye would help find out the discomfort that may be deeply veiled inside your cats.

  1. Inappropriate elimination
  2. Changes in eating habits
  3. Eating litter
  4. Sudden weight loss
  5. Bad breath
  6. Changes in normal activity level
  7. Changes in sleep habits
  8. Changes in social interactions
  9. Changes in grooming habits
  10. Becoming more vocal
  11. Suddenly hiding and declining attention

- the Cat Behavior by Arden Moore


the Cat Behavior (answer book) by Arden Moore


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