Dedicated Calico Momcat, Perti

Dedicated Calico Momcat, Perti


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This young calico cat mama was found with a big belly, pregnant. They brought her to the shelter and immediately found her a foster home. "Her name is Perti. She is adorable and sweet and curious," said Perti's foster mom.

Perti gave birth to a litter of five tiny furballs. "She had them in the closet that I had prepared for her, so everything had been sanitized and cleanup was a snap."

The protective cat mama started cleaning and nursing her kittens as soon as they popped out of her womb. She works day and night caring for her kittens and the kittens latch on her like magnets.

Perti with her 10-hour-old kittens.  She is such a good mommy!

9 days later, Perti and her son, Sparrow, sharing some precious moemnts together.

Photos via tumblr.

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