Deputy Saves Furry Stowaway, who Traveled 130 Miles in Family's Car

Deputy Saves Furry Stowaway, who Traveled 130 Miles in Family's Car


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When Deputy Tim Sanford was helping a stranded motorist change their flat tire, he heard a faint meow from the engine compartment of the car. He opened the hood and saw a tiny gray and white kitten inside.

Deputy Tim Sanford holding the little rescue kitty Atlanta in his arms.Courtesy: Greater Birmingham Humane Society

It was May 18th when Deputy Sanford of Jefferson County Sheriff's Office spotted a stranded car and offered to help the family change a flat tire.

After he discovered the kitten inside the car, he carefully got the little feline out to safety.

The kitten was very thankful and was cuddling with her rescuer in his arms.

Courtesy: Greater Birmingham Humane Society

The family traveling from Atlanta was very surprised to see the kitten in their car as they do not have a cat. They believed the kitty "must have ridden all the way from Atlanta in the engine compartment of the car" according to the Sheriff's office.

Deputy Sanford placed the kitten in his car and named her Atlanta.

Courtesy: Greater Birmingham Humane Society

He called Animal Care & Control (ACC) so the kitten could get the help she needs and a chance at a forever loving home.

"Animal Control Officer Olivia Swafford responded to the call and picked up Atlanta to bring her back to the ACC facility," Katie Beck of Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) told Love Meow.

"She is there now and doing really well! She has a few burns on her face, but they have already started healing."

Atlanta climbed up to Deputy Sanford's shoulder after the rescue.Courtesy: Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Atlanta will be taken to Alabama Shelter Veterinarians to be spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and a full medical evaluation. "Then she will transfer to the GBHS adoption facility to find her forever home!" Beck said.

"The animals we see on a daily basis all have stories, but Atlanta's story is truly remarkable," Holly Baker, director of ACC, told Love Meow.

"Traveling more than 130 miles from Atlanta to just outside of Birmingham in the engine compartment is a feat for any animal."

Courtesy: Greater Birmingham Humane Society

"Since arriving at our facility, she has really shown her personality and warmed up to our staff!

"Her resilience is remarkable and shows in her spunky personality. Atlanta is a happy and healthy kitten who will make a great pet for one lucky family," Baker told Love Meow.

Share this story with your friends! If you are interested in adopting Atlanta, you can visit GBHS' website or Facebook page.

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