Dog Adopts Kitten After Saying Goodbye to Her Own Puppies


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It's has been proven yet again that animals from different species can love and care for each other. We know the Chihuahua who adopted a litter of orphan kittens and the black mother cat who took in a baby puppy to nurse with her own children. Stories like these go on and on.

A fluffy pup from Guangxi, China recently gave birth to several beautiful puppies, but they were later given away to friends and neighbors according to People Pets.

When the family adopted a gorgeous ginger kitten, it did not take long for the pup's mother instinct to come into play. She immediately offered herself to take care of the little orphan kitten.

When the kitten is hungry, she gently scratches her canine mother to signal that she wants milk. The pup will then lie down for the kitten so she can start nursing. They are glued together, cuddling as if they complete each other.

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