Cat Mother Adopts and Nurses Baby Chihuahua Pup

Cat Mother Adopts and Nurses Baby Chihuahua Pup


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A baby Chihuahua whose mother died after she was given birth, was rescued and taken to a new mother, a cat who was at the time nursing a litter of kittens.

The shelter staffers were first uncertain about adding the Chihuahua to the litter because they were not sure if the cat mother would accept her. After consulting several veterinarians, they decided to give it a try.

After introducing the Chihuahua to the mother cat, the little baby pup quickly became part of the litter and started nursing along with other kittens. It was very rewarding to the staffers who were trying everything they could to keep the little puppy alive. They are very proud of the mother cat who is doing a great job taking care of both her own litter and the little baby Chihuahua.

Play the video below to see more about this beautiful story:

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