Anjana Chimp Raising Baby White Tigers

Anjana Chimp Raising Baby White Tigers


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Anjana, a chimpanzee who takes care of wild feline cubs at the Institute of Greatly Endangered Species in South Carolina, adopted Mitra and Shiva, two baby white tigers who survived a hurricane and were separated from their mother. The two year old chimp is providing the orphan cubs cuddles and affection they need from a mother.

Besides tigers, Anjana has raised both lions and leopards. Her zoo keeper China York has Anjana assist her to care for the tigers, bottle feed them milk and accompany and play with them constantly. Anjana picks up cub raising tricks from her zoo keeper, mimicking how China looks after the cubs and does the same things to the baby big cats himself. Monkey see, monkey do.

The bond between Anjana and the cubs is fascinating. They are inseparable. Even though big cats play rough, Anjana has really thick skin which protects her from getting hurt. In fact, chimps are stronger than these cubs, so it is a no brainer for Anjana to jump in to help and provide a plethora of motherly love to these precious orphan cat babies.



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