Every Time Their Humans Try to Leave for Work...

Every Time Their Humans Try to Leave for Work...


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Every morning when their humans leave for work, these two little guys give them the look. "As if leaving for work isn't hard enough..."

Courtesy of reddit@tomlbn

"The small one is Molly and the big one Jasper," reddit user tomlbn told Love Meow.

The little Gizmo gremlin looking kitten just joined the family not too long ago, already she has figured out how to guilt trip her humans into doing what she wants. It may just be innate.

How could anyone say no to that face?

Courtesy of reddit@tomlbn

Jasper the orange cat isn't quite sure about this puff of energy.

"They get along ok, but Molly is constantly wanting to play with Jasper. Jumping on his back etc, but he's never in the mood and will give her a quick bop on the head before shooting off to find some peace and quiet :)."

Courtesy of reddit@tomlbn

As time goes, we know Molly will win over Jasper's heart and become his little apprentice. But for now, the two together have made every morning a heart wrenching experience for their humans to step out of the house.

"Stay with us!"

Courtesy of reddit@tomlbn


Molly is so big now!

Courtesy of reddit@tomlbn

What do your kitties do when you leave the house? Share this cute story.

More info on reddit. Thanks to @tomlbn for sharing the cute with Love Meow.

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