Family Bought a Boat and Was Surprised by What They Found Inside


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A family bought a boat, but when they brought it home they were surprised by what they found inside - two mini sized kittens, whose eyes hadn't even opened.

Meet 9 day old Pistachio and Raisin.

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

"A family bought a boat and brought it home several states away. They then found the newborn pair in the boat," the kittens' foster mom (@foster_kittens_rva) told Love Meow.

They immediately took the kittens to the shelter to get the help they needed as they were so young and would need around the clock care from an experienced caregiver. That's when they found their foster mom.

The kittens were just 9 days old when they came to their foster home.

They were scared and squirmy but with some kitten formula and a warm blanket, the two neonatal kittens started to come around.

Getting the hang of feeding.

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

"We tell them apart by their fur- the one on the left is curly - thus he is nicknamed Curly so the one on the right is Moe."

At 2 weeks old, they were still way underweight, but they were getting stronger and ready to explore!

Eyes opened! Little Pistachio (Curly) weighing in at 137 grams and Raisin (Moe) at 121 grams.

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

A week later, they moved into a playpen so they could have a larger area to hone their walking skills.

"They are walking around exploring and mewing like crazy. Weighing in at 7.65 oz..."

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

Little Raisin giving her foster mom a hug. Look at those tiny mittens!

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

Because they were orphaned so young, they are much smaller than their age, but the two fur babies are working very hard to catch up in size and strength.

Raisin is the tinier one, and she still has a lot of growing up to do.

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

"Look who just broke the 300 gram mark? Go Pistachio!"

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

Raisin raising her paw up, showing off her toe beans.

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

The family that found them, have fallen in love with the pair of furballs.

"They are adopting them when they are old enough and big enough for their spay/neuter surgeries," the foster mom told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

Pistachio (Curly) wants his food right MEOW!

"He wants to stand and hold it with his paws."

Then this happens...

Cleaning those footsies!

Knowing the kitties are happy, growing, and showing their personalities, it makes fostering just so much more rewarding.


Raisin has grown so much!

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

After a long day of playing...

Courtesy: Foster Kittens RVA @foster_kittens_rva

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