Kitten Orphaned Hours After Birth Fights Hard to Live, 5 Weeks Later..

Kitten Orphaned Hours After Birth Fights Hard to Live, 5 Weeks Later..


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A tiny one-day-old orphaned kitten, the only survivor from her litter, refused to give up and fought hard to live. Five weeks later...

Meet Nala the little fighter!

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

Tiny Nala and three of her siblings came to the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter right after they were born. "Two ladies brought them in saying they found them with no mother in sight," Patricia Rusek, foster mom, told Love Meow.

They waited for the mother cat to return, but she never did.

Despite their tireless efforts to save the litter, three babies didn't survive. "They were extremely tiny and just couldn't pull through. Nala is the only one who made it."

A week later, Patricia began to see strength in the tiny little body. "She was really gaining strength and starting to grow more. When she began to eat more and get rest, I knew she was going to be ok."

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

Patricia bottle fed her around the clock, and Nala didn't waste a drop of the formula.

She fought hard to live.

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

Nala opened her eyes in the warmth of her favorite blanket that had accompanied her during her early days as a tiny baby.

It was time for her to begin to explore!

A tiny purrito!

Nala enjoys every mealtime and is very appreciative of all the love and care. She purrs in the loving arms of her foster mom.

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

They give her a big snuggly buddy to cuddle with, and Nala loves her.

At a young age, a cuddly toy can make a huge difference in the health of a neonatal baby's growth as it reminds them of their mama.

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

Nala checking out all the different blankets surrounding her. She loves anything soft and warm.

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

"She is now five weeks old! I'm beyond happy," Patricia told Love Meow.

"She is a darling, so sweet and precious."

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

The little fighter has come a long way!

Since the day they found her, Nala hasn't stopped fighting to grow bigger and stronger. Now she's thriving and can't wait for her forever loving home.

Courtesy: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

Nala and her new found energy!

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