Family Keeps Feral Cat Mom & Her Kitty Warm During Bitter Cold in Montreal


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It's bitter cold in Montreal. These two feral cats have taken refuge in a family's solarium. The father of the family came up with an ingenious idea to keep the mom cat and her kitty warm and cozy.

"They've been around since last summer, but only in the yard and behind the shed. We started feeding them a little. First time they get so close... My parents did all the job, my dad is retired and I think he's having fun taking care of them," said reddit user trollivier.

Freezing temperature  in Montreal (-33 Celsius or -27.4 Fahrenheit with windchill). Feral cat mom and her kitty found refuge in the family's solarium.

They wouldn't let anyone near them. When the family tried to approach them, they ran, so they kept the door open for them.

They offered them food...

As long as they keep themselves behind the patio door, the kitties trust them.

The solarium is still pretty cold, but much better without the wind.

They installed a heating lamp and gave the kitties a hot cozy blanket fresh out of the dryer to keep them warm.

Photos by reddit user.

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