Flip's New Friends :-)

Flip's New Friends :-)


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We adopted Jackie (2 years old) and Shadow (1 and half years old) today from Fur Keeps Animal Rescue. They were both rescued from a high-kill shelter and have been living with each other for several months. The bond between them is so tight that they are inseparable. We love them both and want them to be together for the rest of their life. Here they are, finally have a place that they can call home :-).

Flip was a bit nervous initially meeting the 2 additions to the family, but Jackie quickly earned his trust. Jackie is the calmest, most lovable cat I have ever seen. He fit right in and comfortably stretched his body out on the floor for a quick nap. Any cat, even the most skittish kitty can be friends with him. Shadow still needs some time to adjust and he is making progress in acquainting with Flip. Though they are still keeping some distance, they are now comfortably napping together in the living room :-).

I am sure they will start playing with each other pretty soon. I am so glad that the introduction went beautifully. We only needed to keep the new cats in a separate room for an hour, leaving a small gap at the door, so they could make acquaintance that way.

P.S. Jackie is really sweet. He is sleeping on my lap now :-).

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