Foster Kittens Squeak Like Dolphins When Human Dad Gets Home


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When the foster dad comes home, he is greeted by seven very squeaky rescue kittens. One of them is exceptionally demanding.

YouTube/DrNworb's KitsCats

"Meet The Adorable 7 Foster Kittens! Rescued from a fish factory by VOKRA when just a week or so old," Doug, the foster dad, said.

These sweet kittens were born to a feral cat mother. Each baby has a unique personality. It's clear that one of them is the most vocal and expressive. As soon as Doug comes home, they form a little kitty choir and start squeaking aloud demanding breakfast right meow.

They make sure their foster dad knows his priority.

YouTube/DrNworb's KitsCats

The squeak level is so high, these kitties might just be part dolphin.

Watch the full video here:

After having their bellies filled, they pass out for a nap.

Courtesy: Dr Nworb's KitsCats

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