"Gave my whole paycheck to animal hospital to save this guy. Worth it!"


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A couple found a tiny kitten crying outside on a rainy day. The little feline was just a few weeks old and needed a lot of help. "Gave my whole paycheck to the animal hospital to save his guy. Worth it."

Meet Morrie!

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

It was a Tuesday evening a couple of weeks ago when Rachael and her boyfriend Brendon heard meowing coming from outside. Despite the rainy weather, they followed the sound and couldn't believe what they found—a tiny kitten soaking wet and shaking.

"I called to him and at first all I saw was the tall grass moving as he walked towards me," Rachael said. "I scooped him up immediately and put him on my skin because he was so cold."

The mother cat was nowhere to be found. After they brought in the little bundle of fur, Brendon was immediately smitten with the tiny kitten and said to Rachael, "I need this animal."

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

"He certainly seemed to need us, too," Rachael said.

They got the kitten dry and warm, but due to malnourishment, the tiny tuxedo boy became hypoglycemic and had to be rushed to the animal hospital where he stayed for three days. It saved his life!

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

They visited him every day after work, giving the little feline buddy the support and comfort he needed to get better.

"We are now nursing him the rest of the way back to health at home and he is getting stronger every day. The vets really didn't think he would make it. He is our little miracle and what my boyfriend and I are calling the start of our family."

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

After three days at the hospital and various treatments, the couple racked up huge hospital bills, but they have no regrets.

"(I) gave my whole paycheck to the animal hospital to save his guy. Worth it," Rachael said. "I work at a Children's Home - I do my best to help humans and animals!"

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

Little Morrie is a daddy's boy. He sleeps on him every single night.

"Morrie is already wearing a tuxedo so he's ready for the wedding," Rachael added. "This little fur baby symbolizes the start of our life together. I couldn't be more lucky."

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

"We saved Morrie because he felt like 'ours' and like I said, it was worth it," Rachael said.

Little Morrie is now going strong and loving his new life with his forever humans.

Rachael @peaceluvpenny


Morrie is fully recovered and all grown up. He's still a daddy's boy.

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

He even got a new brother!

Rachael @peaceluvpenny

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