male cat becomes dad to orphaned kitten

Ginger Cat Becomes Dad to Tiny Orphaned Kitten, Then and Now.


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A tiny orphaned kitten was still a newborn baby when he was found without a mother. A ginger cat took to him and became the father he never had.

On the day of his rescue.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

It was early in the morning when Cristina Piapia spotted a tiny kitten in desperate need of help and TLC. The palm-sized kitten was found all alone and crying for his mom. He was so young that his eyes were still closed.

Piapia brought the little fur baby home. The next thing she knew, her cat Boli came running to the little crying baby and started grooming and caring for him like his own.

Piapia was amazed to see such gentleness and love from her cat.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Boli was born to a rescue cat and was adopted by Piapia along with his cat mom.

"I have rescued a lot of cats. Boli always takes care of them," Piapia told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

The tiny baby was named Fa. He didn't want to be anywhere but to be with his new papa.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Piapia bottle fed the kitten around the clock, and Boli was always there to help wash the baby and snuggle with him for naps.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Time for another bath!

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Fa's tiny paw vs Boli's big paw.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Boli wouldn't leave his baby out of his sight.

Fa never got to know his own mother. But when he opened his eyes for the first time, he saw Boli.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Even when Fa grew bigger, he still followed his papa Boli around the house.

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

Now all grown up, he is happy and loved!

Courtesy of Cristina Piapia

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