How Much Does Your Kitty Dislike Bath

How Much Does Your Kitty Dislike Bath


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My cats never fail to kick and scratch when I give them a bath. They simply hate water. The other day I gave Jackie a bath because he had a little litter box mishap. Wiping him down did not work so well, so I had to take him to the bath tub. He immediately knew what was coming and tried to flee. I attempted to comfort him by talking to him with a soothing tone and nuzzled him with my head, but he cried throughout the entire bath and managed to leave a few scars on me.

Even though he did not like the bath a bit, he never stopped loving me. As soon as it was over, he came to snuggle with me and kiss my nose with his. I love my cats :).

A kitty named Melvin (from the video)  is so calm while bathing. It is absolutely amazing. He is even in the same tub with his best friend Pebbles, the dog. Click play to check out the video:

image via flickr: H.Y.C.

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