How to Bottle Feed a Newborn Kitten

How to Bottle Feed a Newborn Kitten


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Being a surrogate cat mother or father can be loads of joy. Proper nutrition for a newborn kitten is extremely crucial for their survival. Bottle-feeding is not too difficult if you follow the right steps. The whole procedure usually takes about 10 - 20 minutes several times a day.

Prepare your supplies:

A kitten-sized baby bottle and a nipple are needed and should be sterilized thoroughly before use. Boil a pot of water and wash them in the boiling water for about 5 minutes. Place them on a sterilized plate to cool down. You will need to prepare a few clean towels, washcloths and some warm water as well.

Mix the formula:

Choose the kitten milk replacement you have such as KMR, fill the bottle with the formula and warm it in a pot of hot water. Control the temperature to between 95° and 100° Fahrenheit (35° to 37.8° Celsius) and make sure the milk can get through the nipple.

Feed your kitten:

Find yourself a comfortable chair to sit down. Lay a folded towel over your lap, place the kitten on your lap with his face down. Keep the kitten warm before feeding in order to prevent digestive problems. Check the nipple and make sure it's not dripping milk by holding it upside down without applying any pressure. The milk should come out if you gently squeeze the bottle. Insert the nipple in his mouth and nursing should start very quickly. Your kitten may need about 32 cc (1.1 oz) of formula per day, but it should be divided into 9 - 12 around the clock feeding sessions. That's approximately an every two hours job.

After feeding:

Kittens are like human babies that need help with burping after nursing. You can hold the kitten with one hand under the abdomen and use the other hand to VERY gently pat his upper back.

Stimulate elimination:

Like what a cat mother would do by licking the kitten's anus to stimulate elimination, you can use the washcloth you prepared and dampen it with warm water. "It may take a couple of feedings to see results."

Rest after nursing:

After nursing, your kitten would need plenty of sleep.


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