Kitten Hops into the Laps of Family that Took Him in, and Determined to Get What He Wants with His Own Paws

Kitten Hops into the Laps of Family that Took Him in, and Determined to Get What He Wants with His Own Paws


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A kitten curled up into the laps of his foster family, and was determined to get whatever he wanted through his charm.

Koda the kittenLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

A few weeks ago, a little black kitten was brought into Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue in San Jose, California, after he was rescued as a singleton. The kitten with a pair of big doe eyes and bear mittens, was an instant love-bug.

After he arrived in foster care, he was all cleaned up, got a full belly and quickly found himself a warm lap to nestle in. The sweet little guy let out his adorable purrs in front of his human, and all he wanted was to cuddle.

"Because he looks like a little bear and he was found all alone without his mom, we named him Koda," Laura Malone, Foster Mom, shared. "His eyes are so expressive."

Koda has very expressive eyesLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Over the next few days, the kitten would demand lap time from his humans, no holds barred. Despite having many snuggle toys and getting undivided attention from the entire family, Laura knew that something was missing — a buddy his size to play with.

Around that time, a stray cat was found with her kittens in a bush at a feral cat community. No one knew where she had come from, but they suspected that she might have been abandoned at the apartment complex.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

The cat family came to Laura's home so the mom could have a safe place to raise her kittens.

"Mom used the litter box and ate all of the food that I gave her before bedtime. She has gone from living in a bush by a busy road, to her own suite with heated beds, 24 hour room service, and daily massages."

Cat mom Lavender and her kittensLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Over the next two weeks of observation (for any health issues), Koda was in a separate room, hogging laps and being doted on by Laura's family. Koda got so excited whenever he saw his people, and came running to them for attention and cuddles.

The plan was to introduce him to the feline family when they were ready. "So he can have some friends besides me," Laura added.

Kitten cuddling with Foster DadLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

When the time came, sweet Momma Lavender quickly accepted Koda as her own and even tried to groom him.

Koda fit right into the crew and didn't hesitate to initiate a wrestling session with the other kittens.

Koda and his new cat familyLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

With Koda and his undeterred energy to get whatever he wants, it has rubbed off on momma Lavender and helped her be more confident.

Watch Koda in this cute video:

Kitten and cat

She's coming out of her shell and getting more comfortable around humans. "I'm so proud of her and so relieved to see her making progress."

Koda and LavenderLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

Koda keeps Lavender on her toes by being quite the mischief-maker. He will pounce on her back and wrap his arms around her as if to give her a big bear hug.

Lavender doesn't play much but always puts up with Koda's many shenanigans.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

He enjoys roughhousing with his foster siblings, constantly planning his next antic.

When Lavender's kittens gather around her for a quick afternoon snack (nursing time), Koda comes right over to his foster mom for lap snuggles.

Koda the kitten showing his big bear pawsLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

The little guy insists on being the center of attention and won't take no for an answer.

"Koda was trying to get my attention during a Mini Cat Town board meeting, so I'd pick him up and let him join the call," Laura shared.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

In a few more weeks, Koda and his foster siblings will be ready for their next adventure — forever homes.

The rescue hopes to get Momma Lavender and her beloved baby Lilac adopted together, so she will always have a companion to help her with her confidence.

Momma Lavender and her kitten LilacLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

As of now, Koda is ruling the roost in the foster room and continues to charm everyone with his larger-than-life personality.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

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