Kitten Tags Along with Everyone He Meets and Determined to Never Be Alone Again

Kitten Tags Along with Everyone He Meets and Determined to Never Be Alone Again


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A tiny kitten who was rescued by himself, decided to tag along with everyone he met.

tiny small kittenAndrzej the kittenMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

A small kitten named Andrzej found himself at a large shelter in Poland, in need of foster care.

Magdalena Jaźwińska, a fosterer based in Pruszków, took him in so he could be cared for in a loving home environment. Little did she know just how much joy he'd bring to other fosters in her house.

"When I brought him home, he was a shy kitten and would rather be sleeping and cuddling, but as he started to grow, he came out of his shell and became the bravest and most playful little kitten," Magdalena shared with Love Meow.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Malaika the resident cat who adores other animals, was the first to meet the new kitten.

When the tabby cat heard his tiny squeaks, she came running and offered some licks and TLC. Andrzej immediately nuzzled up to her, and the two fell asleep in an adorable embrace.

kitten cat sleepingAndrzej fell asleep with Malaika the resident catMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Malaika took the kitten under her wing. She would wrap her arms around him and groom him from head to toe. When he turned into a ball of energy, she would put up with all his antics.

Andrzej was over the moon to have a constant companion. He soaked up all the love, making up for lost time.

small kitten big catHe liked to follow his feline friend around the houseMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

When Magdalena came home with a foster puppy, Dres, the kitten's ears perked right up and he was eager to meet the newcomer. The shy pup was a bit unsure about the enthusiastic little friend, but Andrzej made it his mission to win him over.

"Dres came from a shelter and was afraid of Andrzej at the beginning (despite being larger)," Magdalena told Love Meow.

tiny kitten big dogThen he met Dres the foster pupMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Andrzej insisted on trailing behind Dres and tried to get him to notice him and play. The little feline would follow his canine friend to his food bowls and hang around with him when he napped.

Watch the kitten and his friends in this cute video:

Kitten and his

The kitten's energy and confidence eventually rubbed off on the shy pup, and Dres slowly opened up as he realized that the little guy wasn't so bad.

The kitten insisted on hanging around with his canine friend everywhere he wentMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

A while later, Andrzej noticed that there was a second puppy, Michael Scott, in the house, and was ecstatic to have another playmate. When it came time for a proper introduction, the two buddies hit it off with flying colors.

Andrzej loved when he had a big buddy to roughhouse with. The kitten was small for his age, but he was a little dynamo who held his own when he wrestled with the pup.

puppy and kittenAndrzej the kitten and Michael Scott the pup became fast friendsMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

They enjoyed scampering around the house, getting zoomies together, like they owned the place.

"Andrzej is not afraid of anything. He is always so happy, friendly and has a huge appetite," Magdalena shared with Love Meow.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

The kitten with unbridled energy was always on the lookout for trouble. He was the mastermind of mischief in the house, and Michael the pup looked to him for the next antic to come.

Having his feline and canine friends around gave the kitten the best of two worlds, and he quickly blossomed into a confident, rambunctious young cat.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

When Andrzej was ready to spread his wings and fly, Magdalena hoped that the right family would come his way.

"I was so happy when a family came through, and he went to his new home yesterday. The best part is that he has a new forever brother named Carlos that he can play with."

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

The sweet kitten, now renamed Piksel, is living everyday to the fullest. He continues his tradition of following his family members around the house like their perfect little shadow.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

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