Kitten Purrs Constantly After Being Saved and Starts Helping Other Cats in the Sweetest Way

Kitten Purrs Constantly After Being Saved and Starts Helping Other Cats in the Sweetest Way


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A kitten purred constantly after being saved, and started helping other cats in the sweetest way.

cute kittens snugglingDewey the kittenAlleyCatRescue

A kitten named Dewey was found wandering around the streets all alone. He was brought to the nearest animal shelter where he was estimated to be five weeks old.

Shelter staff immediately noticed his badly infected (ruptured) eye. They sent out a plea for help, hoping to get the kitten a fighting chance. Alley Cat Rescue learned about his plight and didn't hesitate to take him on.

Aside from the eye infection, Dewey was covered in fleas, had an upper respiratory infection and was emaciated. Against all odds, he continued to hang on.

kitten stray rescueHe was found wandering alone outsideAlleyCatRescue

He was treated for infections, cleaned up from all the pestering fleas and given plenty of nutritious food to plump him up. Despite being just skin and bones, Dewey never lacked an ounce of affection.

The moment he came out of his carrier, he vied for attention and tried to win everyone over with his never-ending purrs. "He purrs loudly and all the time," Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

sweet kitten snuggle toyDewey was an instant love-bug, purring nonstopAlleyCatRescue

"He purred through treatments. He is such a happy boy, rolls on his back for belly rubs and makes continuous biscuits."

Dewey was so grateful for his foster mom that he paused eating mid-chew and trotted over to her for some snuggles before returning to his meal.

sweet kitten belly rubsHe wanted attention and snuggles constantlyAlleyCatRescue

With his voracious appetite, the kitten started to fill out and even gained a healthy, rotund belly. His purr motor never seemed to cease running.

Through painstaking care and several vet visits, Dewey was finally clear of infections and ready to put his newfound strength to good use.

sweet kitten deweyAs soon as he regained strength, he started zooming around the roomAlleyCatRescue

He started zipping around the room, clambering up cat trees so effortlessly as if he could defy gravity. He would run around all night, playing to his heart's content until he tired out and then curled up snugly on his throne, atop a cat post.

"Dewey is an absolute delight. He can never get enough of love and attention. He is full of energy and just wants to play."

sweet kitten playfulHe found his throne atop a cat postAlleyCatRescue

When he was ready to socialize with other cats and kittens, they quickly discovered an endearing quality of this sweet boy.

Other foster kittens were immediately drawn to him, and before long, they were snuggling together, drowning blissfully in Dewey's loud purrs.

kitten snuggle friendsDewey became friends with every cat he metAlleyCatRescue

"The cuddle pile of dew drops grow each day."

Recently, Dewey had his enucleation surgery to remove his bad eye and prevent infections. When he returned home from the hospital, he plonked down on the floor for belly rubs and cranked up his purr motor, so the house could once again be filled with his precious rumble.

kittens snuggly friendsAlleyCatRescue

In no time, Dewey was back to cuddling with his feline friends.

"He is the easiest foster we have had, even mama cats are happy for him to babysit, and tiny babies flock to Dewey to cuddle," the rescue told Love Meow.

snuggle cuddle kittens catAfter his eye surgery, he quickly resumed the snuggle fest with other kittensAlleyCatRescue

"He even put up with the pesky ones that nibble at your feet while you are trying to sleep."

Dewey enjoys sharing his throne with other foster cats and kittens. He often wraps his arms around them, doting on them with equal love.

snuggle cuddle kittens catsAlleyCatRescue

With a second chance and a foster home, Dewey gained a new lease on life and is now giving other foster kittens the same love that he received when he was rescued.

"He is just the sweetest boy, rolling over for belly pets and purring up a storm. He makes quick friends wherever he goes."

sweet cat kitten snugglesAlleyCatRescue

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