Kitten with Crooked Lip Rescued From Porch, Finds Love and Permanent Smile


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A 6-week-old kitten was found under a porch. After over 12 hours of waiting and persuading, the home owner was able to get him out to safety, but the little feline was completely terrified.

Krista Delaney

Krista Delaney and her family heard kitten cries outside their window. They went out to investigate, but couldn't find anything.

"A few hours later we went out to look around and listen again, and we were able to figure out that he was under our back porch. We couldn't really see him, but we could hear him," Krista told Love Meow.

They tried calling to the kitten but he refused to come out. "It took all day to coax him out with food and when he saw us, he ran right into an egress window hole."

Krista Delaney

"He was hissing and spitting at us, so we had to use gloves and towels to pick him up. He was so tiny... very under weight, with a lip injury."

They placed him in a quiet bathroom, gave him a litter box and plenty of food and water. As soon as they left him alone, the kitten gobbled up all of the food and promptly used the litter box.

Krista Delaney

"When we came back to check on him he had already eaten every bit of food. It took him about five minutes to decide that he was more interested in getting some love than being afraid," Krista told Love Meow.

The kitten flopped over as soon as Krista's husband touched him. His purr motor switched on and he nuzzled his way into his arms.

Krista Delaney

They named him Tiny Rick. He was no longer that frightened little kitten they saw under the porch.

"We could tell that he had something wrong with his lower lip, but we weren't sure what it was at the time."

Krista Delaney

"The vet said that he was underweight, and that it was likely his lip had been caught on something and torn down below his chin, but it had healed up and didn't seem to bother him, so we should just leave well-enough alone," Krista told Love Meow.

Tiny Rick fell asleep on his human's chest.

Krista Delaney

At first, the couple thought they would foster the kitten, and then find him a good home, but things quickly changed.

"We didn't know immediately that we would keep him because we already had two cats, Marley and Morty, but we fell in love with him and couldn't let him go," Krista told Love Meow.

Krista Delaney

"After four days, he became part of our brood."

As Tiny Rick grew bigger, he became more playful and his personality began to shine.

Krista Delaney

He always has a smile on his face.

Krista Delaney

It's been 10 months since they found Tiny Rick under their porch.

The kitten who was so frightened when they first found him, has turned into a snugglebug.

Krista Delaney

Brotherly love!

"Tiny Rick loves both of his brothers, but he and Morty have a very special connection. They are cuddle buddies for life!"

Krista Delaney

"He has grown into the cutest, sweetest little guy around! And he's always got a smile on his face," Krista told Love Meow.

Krista Delaney

"It's hard to believe how little Tiny Rick was when we found him under our porch. He was only one pound," Krista said.

Look at him now!

Krista Delaney

Follow Tiny Rick's adventures on Instagram @tinyrickthecat.

Watch his journey in this cute video:

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