Kitten Found as a Stray Determined to Win Cat Over When They Cross Paths

Kitten Found as a Stray Determined to Win Cat Over When They Cross Paths


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An orange kitten who was found as a stray, befriended a family cat and decided to follow her everywhere she goes.

orange tabby cat kitten, ginger cats look alikeThor the kitten and Alani the catHaneen Alrabeah

A few weeks ago, Laila D'Souza, founder of the Winston Memorial Foundation, took in an orange tabby that had been rescued from a park. He was just skin and bones and in need of help.

The kitten kept looking for his mom at the park, but she was nowhere to be found. "All his siblings didn't make it. I named him Thor (after the Marvel character) because of how much of a fighter he was, where he was found," Laila shared.

Thor was placed in foster care so he could start healing in the comfort of a loving home. "When he first arrived, he was a bit shy. He kept getting stronger and trusting humans a bit more every day," Haneen Alrabeah, Thor's foster mom, told Love Meow.

Thor the kitten was found as a strayHaneen Alrabeah

With a lot of good food, a comfortable abode, and tender loving care, Thor bounced back on his paws and started seeking attention.

Haneen's resident cat Alani heard the kitten and came to the foster room for a visit when he was healthy. As soon as the tabby boy noticed that there was another cat in the house, he made it his mission to befriend her.

The kitten is determined to win over the resident catHaneen Alrabeah

When they officially met, the kitten made a beeline to Alani and was eager to greet her with a head bump. Alani was a bit unsure about this tenacious little guy who started tagging along with her everywhere around the house.

"Alani wasn't excited about having another cat in the house at first, but he kept approaching her even while she hissed and growled," Haneen shared with Love Meow.

ginger cat and kittenThor and Alani became good friendsHaneen Alrabeah

The little tabby wouldn't take no for an answer and set his mind to win Alani over. As he trailed behind the big kitty, he would nuzzle into her whenever he had a chance.

The persistent kitten began to grow on Alani whose hisses turned into purrs and growls into licks. "She ended up accepting him."

Haneen Alrabeah

Thor feels safe with his new best friend around. He's become her little shadow and even tries to imitate her when they play. Alani has taken the kitten under her wing and showers him with love.

Watch their friendship in this cute video:

Thor the kitten and his cat

"They are very close now and love sharing naps and cuddles, but playing tag and wrestling have to be their favorite activities," Haneen shared with Love Meow.

cuddle puddle ginger catsHaneen Alrabeah

Just like Thor, Alani was a rescue when she came into Haneen's life. She is now giving the kitten the same love that she received when she was saved.

"(We are) so glad that he has someone to play and cuddle with. Also, they look identical," Laila wrote. "Thor is so strong and resilient. Even though he lost everything, he gained an amazing resident foster-mom, Alani, that took him in as her own."

Thor looks up to his cat buddy and follows her everywhere she goesHaneen Alrabeah

The sweet tabby is thriving and so happy to have a big kitty to look up to, and a constant companion to lean on. Alani is teaching him how to be a proper cat while reassuring him that he is loved.

Haneen Alrabeah

"Thor is absolutely energetic and funny. He's one of the strongest cats I've ever fostered," Haneen told Love Meow.

Best of friendsHaneen Alrabeah

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