Orphaned Kitten Saved by Cancer Survivor, Returns the Favor by Rescuing Her Back

Orphaned Kitten Saved by Cancer Survivor, Returns the Favor by Rescuing Her Back


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When a tiny orphaned kitten, who survived against all odds, found a 6-time cancer survivor as her new mom, they rescued each other.

Meet Ykesha the miracle kitten!

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"She is my 1/4 pound miracle baby," Laramie Evans told Love Meow. "She is a rescue kitten. Mommy and litter mates did not make it so I am her new 'mommy'."

The little calico had an incredible will to live despite how young she was when she was found near an office.

"We took her into the vet and other than being underweight at the time, she was amazingly holding on," Evans said.

Just like Ykesha, Evans is a survivor herself.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"I am a 6-time brain cancer survivor so I'm disabled (I was a nurse). Ykesha has been a perfect distraction for me! Things seem to work out how they are supposed to," Evans told Love Meow.

Evans has been battling back and forth with brain cancer for seven years.

They are both survivors, and they share a very special bond!

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"My life, although amazing, can sometimes become mundane and lack a lot of variety simply because of my health. Ykesha gave me someone to focus on. She keeps me busy and makes me laugh," Evans told Love Meow.

Ykesha sitting upright on Evans' hand, eating from a bottle like a champ!

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"I am so proud she is thriving so well. She walks about exploring. Walking is still a bit shaky as her legs get stronger."

In just a week, the tiny calico caught up in size.

Ykesha napping with her best friend, Neil Diamond, the Bigfoot.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

She is very attached to her humans.

"Ykesha loves to 'army crawl' slowly out of her little bed (that I put up next to me any time I'm awake) until she has found me," Evans told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

Ykesha loving her first mouse toy!

"It's the very first time she 'played'," Evans told Love Meow.

Evans rescued the kitten and gave her a second chance at life. The kitten returned the favor by rescuing her back.

"I miss being a nurse and it's wonderful to care for my little angel."

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

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