Kitten with Wondrous Eyes So Happy to Be Cared for, She Turns into a Purr Machine

Kitten with Wondrous Eyes So Happy to Be Cared for, She Turns into a Purr Machine


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A kitten with wondrous eyes is so happy to have someone to care for her. She turns into an adorable purr machine.

sweet calico kittenMack the calico kittenMini Cat Town

A young calico and her two brothers were brought to Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue in San Jose, California, for a chance at a better life.

They were in need of round-the-clock bottle feedings and a lot of TLC. After a few days of care in a comfortable home, their eyes cleared up and they began to put on weight.

"Mack (calico) and her brother Eddie were close in size, but Justin (the other brother) was about 100 grams heavier than them," Laura Malone, director of Mini Cat Town, shared with Love Meow.

kitten trioMack the calico and her brothers Eddie and JustinMini Cat Town

The calico girl was able to open her eyes, big and wide, after a few days of healing. She quickly discovered her purr and didn't hesitate to use it.

She was sweet and mellow and would curl up in her human's lap for extra snuggles. "Mack is particularly cuddly and she is a little purring machine."

Mini Cat Town

It didn't take long for the calico to swoon the heart of everyone. "Foster Dad has already declared her to be his new best friend," Laura added.

The wide-eyed beauty watches her people ever-so-intensely. As soon as she gets their attention, she switches on her purr motor. She is content to have a warm bed to snuggle in, good food to fill her tummy, and the warm company of her humans.

big eyed kittenShe has a pair of wondrous eyesMini Cat Town

"A lot of calicos and torties have a reputation for being spicy, but Mack is super sweet, quiet and independent," Laura told Love Meow.

Mack decided to sleep in a particular spot one night, and it became her go-to place for naps. "I gave her a little blanket in the spot she chose, and that's where I always find her now."

pink toe beansLook at those adorable pink toe beansMini Cat Town

The calico prefers hanging around with her humans and watching everything they do. She is incredibly docile and makes a wonderful roly-poly, showing off her cute belly and pink toe beans.

Despite being smaller than her siblings, she doesn't let anything slow her down.

kitten concerned lookShe doesn't let anything slow her downMini Cat Town

Mack loves the little things in life, whether it be a boop on her nose or being held like a baby. She constantly wears a concerned look on her face, which comes in handy when she wants something from her people.

Who could possibly say no to that face?

curious calico kittenShe watches her humans intenselyMini Cat Town

The trio are thriving in foster care and learning to eat from a dish like big kitties.

"Mack still loves her bottle and never dribbles a single drop, which is why her face and chest is always much cleaner than her brothers," Laura shared.

Mini Cat Town

She is figuring out how to play with toys, but as soon as she sees her humans, she rolls on her back and is ready to be pampered.

The little calico has her foster parents wrapped around her tiny paws. She has an adorable personality and purrs that will melt even the toughest heart.

big eyes kittenMini Cat Town

After a rough start to life, Mack and her brothers are well on their way to a bright future.

They still have a lot of growing to do and feline skills to hone. Mack is soaking up all the love she can get, and filling her room with her rumbling purrs.

Mini Cat Town

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