Rescued Cat Finds Loving Home to Have Kittens - One of Them is Determined to Stand Out

Rescued Cat Finds Loving Home to Have Kittens - One of Them is Determined to Stand Out


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A rescued cat found a safe home to have kittens, and one of them was determined to stand out.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Roxie the calico was surrendered to The Odd Cat Sanctuary, a rescue group in Salem, Massachusetts about two months ago. Her former owner couldn't keep her when she became pregnant.

Katrina, a foster volunteer of The Odd Cat, welcomed her home so she could have a comfortable, quiet place to raise her kittens.

"She got pretty comfortable with us quickly and has always been game for some cuddles and kisses. We couldn't believe she was pregnant at first because she was so little. She isn't quite two yet and was on her third pregnancy," Katrina told Love Meow.

When they least expected it, Roxie went into labor and gave birth to four beautiful, healthy kittens.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

"She hadn't made a sound all night, so we had no idea she had gone into labor. The space and the kittens were all cleaned up," Katrina said. "She kept them in a carrier for weeks until they started being able to come out on their own."

The cat mom was happy to get some help from Katrina. "She's always been so trusting of us handling them and changing their bedding."

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The four little bundles of fur (Bennet, Darcy, Bingley, and Collins) grew by leaps and bounds. By the time they started to learn to walk, Bennet the kitten with a beauty mark was the first to venture out of their nest.

"Bennet walks to the beat of his own drum."

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

"When his siblings are sleeping, he's awake. When his siblings are wide awake, he is dozing. When his siblings are in the cat tunnel, he's bouncing around on the other side of the room," Katrina told Love Meow.

"He loves attention but is often the one that we are saying 'where's Bennet?' And he'll come hopping out from behind the cat tree or the bookcase."

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The little guy is always ready for a snuggle and constantly falls asleep sitting up.

"The minute we walk in their door, they are trying to get love from us. They all fight to be on our shoulders when we sit with them or will curl up in our laps to play or nap," Katrina said.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Watch Bennet and his adorable family in this cute video:

Adorable foster

"Their favorite method of getting attention is jumping up onto our legs and trying to climb up us," Katrina added.

"Bennet likes to back up and run. If you are kneeling down, he loves to hide under you to sneak up on his siblings."

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

As they became more playful and adventurous, the foster parents began to notice that little Bennet and his sister Darcy share a special bond.

"They tend to gravitate toward each other. He gives her a lot of hugs."

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The two siblings like to follow each other around and often wind up cuddling together, falling asleep on their foster mom's lap.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Mama Roxie is so happy to have someone to help her with her kittens so she can relax and enjoy time to herself.

In a few weeks, they will be spayed/neutered, and Roxie will officially retire from motherhood and find a forever home where she will be loved and spoiled.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Little Bennet and his feline family are thriving in foster care.

While his siblings are playing, wrestling or jumping around, he's snuggling with his foster mom in her lap, purring away.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

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