'Gremlin' Kittens Move Indoors for the First Time, Spending this Winter in Comfort and Warmth

'Gremlin' Kittens Move Indoors for the First Time, Spending this Winter in Comfort and Warmth


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Four "gremlin" kittens moved indoors for the first time, spending this winter in comfort and warmth.

cute fluffy kittensJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

Last month, four little kittens were surrendered to the Humane Society for Hamilton County as strays, without a cat mother. They were around four weeks old and desperately needed a foster home.

Jennifer, a volunteer for the shelter, was asked if she could help the kittens. Without hesitation, she took them into her care with open arms.

"Someone at the shelter said they looked like gremlins, so they were assigned Gremlins names," Jennifer shared with Love Meow.

fluffy kittens gremlinsBilly, Kate, Stripe, and GizmoJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

The kittens were inquisitive, fearless, and playful from the start. Shortly after arriving, they started scampering around their new room, claiming every inch they touched.

The fluffiest kitten, Gizmo, was an instant character, screaming at his foster mom with squeaky meows.

fluffy gremlin kittenGizmo has a lot to sayJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

They were treated for tummy troubles and needed help cleaning their faces and paws. They likely had been separated from their mom too early and struggled to eat on their own.

"They couldn't figure out the bottle either. I would mix formula with their food, but they weren't eating enough to gain weight," Jennifer told Love Meow.

fluffy kittens hugsJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

After two days of fighting the bottle, Jennifer offered formula in a dish. The kittens were intrigued, sniffing around. Once their tongues touched the food, they started lapping it up with vigor.

With their bellies filled to the brim at each meal, the kittens began putting on weight. "After a few days of formula in a dish, they were also eating wet food much better, so I was able to wean them off the formula completely."

tabby kittens siblingsKate and StripeJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

Gizmo continued to be a force of nature. Despite his small stature, he was loud, sassy, and dramatic, climbing the summit of every cat post and striking at the feather toy with all his might.

He has the longest hair but is the messiest of the bunch, keeping his foster mom busy with all the cleaning.

fluffy kitten climbingJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

His siblings, Kate, Stripe, and Billy (tuxedo), have different personalities. Billy is obsessed with his foster mom, clambering up her legs and shoulders, craving her constant attention.

"When I'm sitting in the pen. I'll randomly notice that he's found his way into one of my hands. He likes to be held like a baby, stretching out on his back and dozing off."

tuxedo kitten paws feetBillyJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

Stripe and Kate, the tabbies, feed off each other's energy, pouncing on top of one another and wrestling nonstop.

When all four kittens zoom around the playpen simultaneously, they create a cacophony of pitter-pattering fun. They are busybodies who don't seem to stop until they tire themselves out.

cute tabby kittenStripeJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

One by one, the kittens curl up in a pile, purring themselves to sleep.

In a few weeks, they have grown by leaps and bounds. Kate, previously the smallest of the litter, has overtaken her brothers, Stripe and Billy. Gizmo currently tops the weight chart.

sleeping kittens lap catsJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

With more pep under his feet, Gizmo is braver than ever, always the first to approach new things. "The bigger he gets, the sassier he gets."

"They enjoy playing with any and all toys and chasing/wrestling each other. They love snuggles. They are enjoying their new access to the cat tree and napping in the window, in a big pile together."

fluffy gremlin kitten gizmoJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

Getting in the holiday spirit, Jennifer added a few holiday-themed scratching posts to the room.

The kittens immediately swarmed the toys, busying themselves with a whirlwind of activity. They romped around, climbing up and down the posts, batting at toys, and turning the place into their playground.

kittens playing Christmas toysJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

With a second chance, these kittens will enjoy the winter in a home with bountiful food, warm blankets, and cuddles from their people.

Gizmo, leading his crew of mischief-makers, is getting to know the resident cats who will show the kittens the ropes and teach them how to be a cat.

fluffy cute kittensJennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock

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