Kitty Won’t Leave Her Baby Brother’s Side, Then and Now


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Lilly the kitten has become very attached to the smallest person in her family. She won't leave his side.

When he is taking a bath, she sits there.

Photo: MsSandwichmaker

"Our kitten Lilly considers our son her litter mate and follows him everywhere she can," reddit user MsSandwichmaker said.

"She has to sleep, eat, play, and be everywhere with him. Without him she is very depressing and sad. If she can see him but cannot be with him she howls and cries for him."

When he is playing in the bathroom, she tags along.

Photo: MsSandwichmaker

Gotta recharge for more mischief!

Photo: MsSandwichmaker

He offers Lilly a fishy when they hang out in the bedroom.

Photo: MsSandwichmaker

When he naps, Lilly snuggles up to him.

Photo: MsSandwichmaker

Updates! Lilly is all grown up now.

Photo: MsSandwichmaker

They are still each other's best friend!

Photo: MsSandwichmaker

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Photos via reddit.

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