Little Stray Cat, Homeless No More!

Little Stray Cat, Homeless No More!


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Meet GUI the cat, who was once a stray, but she's homeless no more.

"I found her on my porch, mid winter," said GUI's human via imgur. "There are a lot of strays in the area and there's no way I could just leave (her) out there."

"She was about 3 weeks old so (I) decided to give her a home. I've never regretted it."

When GUI came to her new home, she was a bit shy, hiding under the bed sheets.

Watching her humans with caution, slowly getting more comfortable each day.

Finally, she came out of her shell and went for a cuddle.

All cleaned up!

"Good morning! Wake up and feed me!"

She's a gamer just like her dad.

She's grown into a beautiful lady cat now.

Photos via imgur.

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