Man Finds Freezing Cat Under Train Engine and Brings Him Back from the Brink

Man Finds Freezing Cat Under Train Engine and Brings Him Back from the Brink


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A young man saved a cat nestling under a train engine, nearly frozen to death. He brought the kitty back from the brink, and the cat jumped on his lap and wouldn't let him go.

Photo: William Munsey

It was bitter cold in Alta, Canada last Sunday. Brad Slater, a train conductor, was walking his train in Wainwright that morning when he heard a cat cry out for help.

"I found this little guy under our second engine by the wheels in -39 C (-38 F)," Brad Slater said. "He either was there from Saskatoon or even Winnipeg. He was covered in snow and ice."

Brad tried to talk to the cat in hopes to coax him out. "He had barely reached out his arms and called, 'c'mon little buddy,' when the frozen little body nearly leapt into his arms," William Munsey, Brad's co-worker, said.

They named the cat Q199 after the train on which he was found.

Photo: Brad Slater

Brad gently wrapped the cat in his insulated coveralls and carried him on the train.

"The poor thing was dazed. [His] eyes were wide open in terror, and though [he] was trying to cry out, no sound escape from [his] throat," William said.

Photo: Brad Slater

After getting some much-needed warmth, the cat let out a loud meow and crawled out from the shirt and jumped on Brad's lap, wiping his face against his arm as if he was telling his burly, bearded friend, "Thank you for saving my life."

The cat was very thirsty and hungry. At the time, the only food they could find was beef jerky. "He crushed 250ml of water instantly and half a big chief beef jerky," Brad said.

Photo: Brad Slater

"He then slept the whole trip on me and my shirt," Brad said.

Brad's wife came to the train station to meet up with him and the cat. They took Q199 home, gave him a warm bath and plenty of good food.

Photo: Brad Slater

That night, Q fell asleep on the couple's own bed, purring away.

"If i didn't walk my train and didn't find Q199 he would've been dead by the time we got to Irma. He is a miracle cat."

Brad hopes he can find the owner of the cat, but if not, Brad is ready to adopt him.

"He knew early on who saved him. He wouldn't leave my side," Slater told Global News. "It's like a bond already. I've never met a more affectionate, lovable cat."

"It's like we're best friends already. It's pretty incredible." Share this story with your friends.

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