Man was Dog Person His Whole Life. Now His Life Changed by a Cat!


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This man was a dog person his whole life until he met someone special and now his life is completely changed by a cat he adopted.

Meet Izzy!


"After being a dog person my whole life, my SO has also turned me into a cat person. I adopted a Snowshoe about 6 months ago. Her name is Izzy," reddit user bigmaq246 shares the story.

Growing up with Golden Retrievers, this dog loving man was never close to any felines until he met his girlfriend.

"My girlfriend has a cat and at first I was cautious as I just wasn't used to being around them and I started playing with her and watched her a couple times. Then one night she asked if I wanted one because a family friend of hers couldn't keep Izzy (twinky at the time) anymore. I accepted and we've been inseparable since."

Izzy trying to get her human dad's attention


She likes hanging out in the bathroom whenever her human is trying to use it.


"She subdued my friends' cat hating dog."


"Izzy is pretty goofy too! She loves playing with twist ties. She'll grab them and try to jump and then roll around with it. Also very affectionate and always wants on my lap."

Izzy watching her human play some video game. She makes the purrfect game buddy.


Izzy is very vocal about how she feels and she tells it like it is.


"Izzy not enjoying the fact I was working while I was home."


"She lays on me whenever she gets the chance."


Sometimes all you need is getting to know a cat and it may just change your life forever :). If you are a cat man or cat lady, share this story and help a kitty in your area find their forever home!

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