Miley Cyrus Greatest Joy for Kittens

Miley Cyrus Greatest Joy for Kittens


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Miley Cyrus has been generating many news feeds on the web lately for her outrageous pole dancing controversy at the Teen Choice Awards as well as her new hit single "Party in the U.S.A." that has smashed the billboard Hot 100 chart as the No. 2 hit single. However, recently her stardom has been illuminated by a very special friend of her own. The public seems to forget all the negativity about the pole dancing and all of a sudden there is a plethora of love for Miley Cyrus from her fans. Who has such power to change media's attention so effortlessly for Miley Cyrus? Thanks to her very own furry baby girl, Nala.

Nala just gave birth to a litter of fuzzy balls and Miley Cyrus already shared this exciting news and her gratitude with all her fans over twitter. She was even asking for suggestions to name the kittens.

See what cats can do to celebrities? They have the ability to advance a celebrity's career to the next level by bringing out the better side of the person. Even non-celebrities are also benefiting much from cats such as Paul Klusman, an engineer who created the engineering guide to cats with his partner, T.J.. The cat videos he made have garnered him many marriage proposals from cat lady lovers. His YouTube channel has flourished ever since.

Kittens' cuteness is absolutely contagious and they are helping Miley Cyrus' career and solidifying her fan base even more than ever now.

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