Muir, a 16 Year Old Blind and Deaf Stray Cat, Now Has Found a Comfortable Home

Muir, a 16 Year Old Blind and Deaf Stray Cat, Now Has Found a Comfortable Home


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Meet Muir. He is sixteen years old, blind and deaf, and lived as a stray, fending for himself for nearly a year. "I intend to give this old man a more comfortable retirement," said reddit user ladyonawire.

"I work with a rescue. This old guy was living outside for close to a year; he had belonged to an older lady in the neighborhood who passed away," she added.

Muir was abandoned until a kind neighbor rescued him and turned him over to the rescue. They shaved his matted coat and gave him plenty of food, warmth and love.

More info: reddit.

"My rescue asked if I wanted to foster him and I was like... I'm adopting him. I've had him for about two months now and he's put on nearly a pound and his fur is growing back beautifully."


"He got a full blood workup and physical when he came in. Even got some much-needed dental work! The vet actually said his thyroid was fine; that in fact he was in shockingly good shape for his age and how much he'd been through."

"The first night I brought him home he slept on a heating pad on my bed. He was so skinny he looked like a plucked chicken--he just passed out and spent the first couple of days sleeping in every warm/soft spot he could find."

"Now his personality has come out and he's a super sweet if slightly grumpy and bossy old man. He likes to perch on the edge of the bed and reach out with his paw to grab me when I pass by."


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