Nubbins a Cat Born without Hind Legs Looking for a Home

Nubbins a Cat Born without Hind Legs Looking for a Home


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A lovely kitty named Nubbins was born without hind legs. He was the only oddball in his litter, but that did not stop him from being a frisky, playful kitty that he is.

Nubbins was surrendered to MSPCA-Boston after all of his littermates were adopted to new homes. His owners were not able to find him an adopter. Whether it was because of his impairment or other reasons, Nubbins definitely does not feel any different about himself. He has become accustomed to walking on his malformed limbs.

From Nubbins:

Hello there! I am an EXTRA special little boy here at the MSPCA because I was born without any hind feet. That's where I got my incredibly creative name! Not having hind feet doesn't get me down at all though! I'm still an adorable, playful, cuddly little boy who loves to be held! Snuggling and playing with people is my favorite thing to do! Because I do have a harder time getting around it would be best if I go to a home without stairs so that I don't hurt myself. I need someone who will have time for me and be able to make sure I'm safe and sound! Even though I'm great with kids, they may not understand that I can't move around like other kittens, so it's probably best for me to go to a quiet home. I'm special in every way because of my resilient determination to be a rambunctious, lovable kitten no matter what! Won't you take me home and shower me with all the love I deserve?

Nubbins does not need to wear any protective gears because he has formed calluses on the ends of his legs which is healthy enough for him to walk around on carpeted areas. Nubbins can live just like other cats with some special needs. He will need to "remain in an area that is completely carpeted to prevent the ends of his hind limbs from rubbing open. Wood or tile floors and stairs would be hazardous. Nubbins' future owners will also need to have a close relationship with a veterinarian for check ups to evaluate the ends of his hind legs."

If you can help Nubbins to find a home that he desperately needs, you can visit the MSPCA-Boston's Petfinder page for details.

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