orphaned kitten rescued finds new mom

Orphaned Baby So Small When Rescued, But Her Strong Will Keeps Her Going


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A tiny kitten whose eyes were still closed, latched onto her first bottle and started eating for the first time after she was found under a bush all by herself.

When her ears began to wiggle, they knew she was going to be all right.

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

"My cousin found the little helpless kitten under a bush. He decided to give it to me because he knew I would take good care of that poor little thing," Enaj Seril told Love Meow.

The kitten was very weak and not moving much when she was found.

When Enaj received the kitten and held her in her hands, she realized how tiny and fragile she was. As Enaj gently petted the kitten and kept her warm in her hands, it brought life back into the little fur baby. She lifted her tiny head and meowed at her human for the first time.

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

"She was looking for her mom. I heard her cry, and I decided I would become her new mom."

They named her Sissy, and Enaj began to feed her around the clock.

Sissy was much smaller than kittens her age because she was orphaned so young, but Enaj was determined to help the little feline buddy grow. "I am giving her the best effort I could give," Enaj told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

After many sleepless nights, Sissy began to explore around the house with her new found energy and larger-than-life personality.

She may still be very tiny, but she can surely run.

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

After all the playing, she settles on her human's shoulder for a nap. Sissy has become very attached to Enaj.

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

When Sissy was ready to meet her older siblings, she was immediately loved by Vanilla the cat. He gave her a bath to officially welcome her into the family.

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

Sissy climbed on his back for a cuddle.

"You are my brother now."

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

They didn't know if the kitten would survive the first night, but she did and kept fighting against the odds.

What has kept her going is the love she gets from her human mom. Sissy is happy to have someone to snuggle with every day and night, and the little buddy is putting on weight and getting more energetic than ever.

She is still mini, but she will catch up in size someday.

Courtesy: Enaj Seril

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