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Cat Mama Left Preemie Baby Behind but Came Back with Two Little Surprises


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His name is Peanut the Bold. He was born premature, so tiny that he was the size of his human mom's thumb, but the teeny kitten had a lot of fight in him.

Peanut on the day he was born.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

"Peanut was abandoned due to being premature. His momma is a farm cat. Shortly after his birth and the death of his 2 litter mates his mother disappeared. She thought he was going to die and left him," ‎Crys Malone told Love Meow.

"At birth he was underweight, nearly hairless, could not maintain his body temperature and had breathing issues."

He was just a few hours old.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

"My husband and I fed him hourly and slept with him on our chests. We kept him with us 24/7."

At 3 days old, Peanut's human dad kept him warm and fed him around the clock.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

"His kitty momma showed up a week after his birth and surprised us with 2 more kittens," Malone told Love Meow.

The cat mama went into preterm labor with Peanut and a week later gave birth to two healthy babies. "After her other kittens were born she now takes care of Peanut as well."

One week after he was born, Peanut finally could fill up his human's palm.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

When cat mama came back, she brought two other tiny babies into the family.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

The mom cat decided to stay at the house and started nursing all three hungry kittens.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

Peanut is almost 3 weeks old now, still the smallest of the three, but he's growing and thriving.

Courtesy of Crys Malone


Peanut has caught up in size!

Peanut the Bold.

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