Woman Saves Orphaned Kitten, Now He Can't Stop Cuddling with Her and the Baby in Her Belly


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A young woman found a tiny motherless kitten and saved his life. Now the little ginger boy can't stop cuddling with her and the baby in her belly.

Meet Semsom!

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

Little Semsom had a rough beginning to his life. "I found him on the streets, next to the garbage," Joelle Akl told Love Meow.

"The mother wasn't around, and he was only about 2 weeks old. I took him in and bottle fed him and kept him warm."

He was so tiny that he could barely walk and just started learning to crawl.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

Semsom became very attached to Joelle and claimed her as his new mom.

Soon he found his favorite napping spot.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

Whenever he naps, he snuggles next to his human mom's belly, purring aloud. Joelle is expecting a baby girl and Semsom seems to know the baby is coming.

"He likes to sleep next to the belly. He finds warmth," Joelle told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

When the baby moves, he turns on his purr motor as if he's trying to soothe the baby inside.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

"He's now 4 weeks, starting him on some wet food."

Semsom has gotten bigger, stronger and more curious than ever. It's hard to believe he is the same kitten found on day one.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

He's still very tiny but he has so much love to give.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

His human dad is also smitten with this little sweet kitten. He shows his love by serenading him a song.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

Semsom returns the favor by napping on his shoulder.

Courtesy: Joelle Akl

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