Oskar the Blind Cat - Mother Nature Reunion

Oskar the Blind Cat - Mother Nature Reunion


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Oskar the cat was born without eyes. He was rescued from a farm and uses his sense of smell to help him navigate and 'see'. This is a video of Oskar reuniting with mother nature.

Oskar's humans wrote:

Oskar the Blind Cat was adopted from a farm near Glenwood, Iowa, on July 11th, 2011. At that time he was eight weeks old and lived outdoors. There were many hazards and dangers outside, and this was part of the reason we adopted him.

Since last July, Oskar has spent every day indoors. We taught him how to walk on a harness, and as the weather warmed up, we decided it was time to let him explore the outdoors again. This video is his first trip outside since July of last year.

Oskar is joined on his adventure by his best friend Klaus. Klaus too has been a city slicker for a number of years (a well traveled one at that). He will continue to join Oskar on their weekly outdoor adventures (always supervised, always on a harness, and always away from traffic).

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