Pregnant Cat Hides in Shelter Cage Fearing for Her Babies, But After the Freedom Ride... (with Updates)

Pregnant Cat Hides in Shelter Cage Fearing for Her Babies, But After the Freedom Ride... (with Updates)


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A pregnant stray cat was hiding in a cage at the shelter, fearing for herself and the babies inside her belly, but everything changed when a young woman got her out and gave her a foster home.

Meet Rose the cat!

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

Rose was found with a pregnant belly in a backyard and was later dropped off at animal control. She was so close to her due day but her future became uncertain at the overcrowded shelter. She hid in the back of her cage, worrying about the tiny ones inside her belly.

That's when Marlena, an animal rescuer of Cherokee Humane Society, learned about Rose and knew she had to get her out of there before it was too late. "As with all of my fosters and permanent cats that I have saved directly from animal control," Marlena told Love Meow.

Rose was hunkered down in her litter box at the back of the cage and wouldn't go near anyone, but when she saw Marlena, somehow she could sense that she's different.

"She came towards me, and let me carry her out."

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

Rose was so happy to be taken out of the shelter filled with dogs, a lot of barking and howling. "It was not the environment for anyone especially a very pregnant mama."

When the ginger gal stepped into her new foster home, she walked up to Marlena, sniffed her hand and meowed sweetly at her as if she was saying "Thank you for saving me and my babies."

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

That night Rose snuggled up to her foster mom and cuddled with her for a long, long time. She fell asleep in her arms and didn't want to let go.

"Rose is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met," Marlena said.

A couple days later, she gave birth to five gorgeous healthy babies. Mama Rose immediately showered them with love and cuddles. She filled the entire room with her endless affection.

Mama showed Marlena complete trust by letting her help and handle the babies. She even sat in her lap with her tiny valentines, forming an adorable snuggly purr pile.

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

Rose is completely dedicated to her kittens. She is always nursing, cleaning or cuddling with her precious babies.

The little furballs are just as sweet as their mama.

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

Rose will purr by the touch and knead in pure bliss when you call her name.

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

The little babies keep their mama very busy.

Rose loves stretching out on her back, making air muffins while her kittens are nursing away.

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

She's very proud! "I made these!"

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

What a difference a foster home can make!

Rose no longer needs to worry about her kittens' safety and their future. She knows they are loved.

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

What a wonderful mama!


All the kitties and their mama have been adopted!

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

Sweet mama Rose heading to her forever home!

Courtesy: Marlena @fostercatsfordays_16

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