Stray Cat Brings a Tiny Surprise to Woman who Gave Her Food...

Stray Cat Brings a Tiny Surprise to Woman who Gave Her Food...


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A young woman started feeding the neighborhood cats, then one day she found a tiny kitten on her balcony.

Courtesy: Ottmarhitzfeld

A stray cat that she had been feeding, decided to bring her kitten to her home.

"One day my friend found this little kitten on her balcony," reddit user Ottmarhitzfeld said. The cat mother refused to come inside the house, so they set up a bed for them, but the momma had no interest of staying for long.

After some time, she decided to leave her baby to the family for good, and never returned.

Courtesy: Ottmarhitzfeld

They knew they had to help.

"(My friend) brought the kitten to the vet."

Courtesy: Ottmarhitzfeld

They got the kitten inside, gave him a new warm bed, and began caring for him around the clock.

"The kitten is in very good hands."

Courtesy: Ottmarhitzfeld

They named him Floofy.

The tiny fur baby is loving his new abode, his humans, two dogs and another cat.

Courtesy: Ottmarhitzfeld

The stray cat left her baby with the young woman who had been kind to her and gave her food. They will always be waiting for the mama to return, but for now the little kitten has a place to call his own and a forever family that loves him to bits.

Little Floofy is happy and loved.

Courtesy: Ottmarhitzfeld

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