Stray Cat Saves Baby Bobcat who Lost His Own Mother

Stray Cat Saves Baby Bobcat who Lost His Own Mother


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A baby bobcat lost his own mother but was taken in by a rescue stray cat mama. She loved and cared for the little baby bobcat as her own.

Meet Bob the bobcat (only a few days old) and Sweet Pea the mama cat.

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

A good Samaritan came to the Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation on May 3rd looking for help. She brought a box with a tiny kitten inside, but it wasn't just any ordinary kitten. It was a wild cat, a bobcat. "He was found as an orphan," Erica Chacon of Sarge's told Love Meow.

The woman that found the bobcat had seen a mother bobcat near her house on the stormy night before, but the next day the baby bobcat was somehow left behind.

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

Unable to reunite the little wild cat with his bobcat mom, she rescued him and took him to the shelter. The baby bobcat was only a few days old. Having a nursing mom was critical for his survival. On the same day, they rescued a stray mama along with her five kittens. They knew the only hope he had was to introduce them. The time couldn't be more perfect!

What happened next warmed everyone's heart.

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

Within 15 minutes after they introduced the little bobcat to his new mom, Sweet Pea, he began to nurse. It was then they knew he was going to be all right.

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

It took Bob a bit longer to wean than Sweet Pea's own kittens, but the little buddy really thrived having a surrogate mom. Sweet Pea was incredibly loving and affectionate towards her adopted kitten.

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

The rescue group hope to work to rehabilitate Bob so he could be reintroduced back to the wild.

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

They adored each other so much that their bond inspired every one at Sarge's.

Bob headed to a wildlife rescue for rehabilitation after saying goodbye to his cat mom.

Sweet Pea was a proud surrogate mama!

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

Watch the video of mama Sweet Pea caring for her Bobcat kitten. They adored each other so much:

"Bob is on his way and says goodbye to his surrogate Mom."

Share this story with your fiends! You can help their rescue efforts by visiting Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation's website and Facebook page.

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