Stray Cat Runs Up to Young Woman Meowing for Love

Stray Cat Runs Up to Young Woman Meowing for Love


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A friendly stray walked up to a young woman, meowing for some food. When she got her first bite of can food, she was so grateful that she kept meowing in gratitude.

Courtesy: Marina Tarashevska

A sweet stray cat walked up to Marina Tarashevska by her car, meowing and following her around. She seemed starved, so they took out a can of cat food for the hungry kitty. She was so excited that she stood up for a sniff-fest while they were opening the can.

The kitty scarfed down every bit of the food and was so grateful that she was meowing as if she was saying "Thanks". "I finally gave in and grabbed the cat," Marina said.

"Marina was in a very bad part of Dallas - an area that is known for dumping pitbulls," Jamie Christian told Love Meow.

"(We have) no clue how (the kitten) made it out of there alive because she was surrounded by stray dogs and all sorts of wildlife in the wooded areas. She was about 5-6 months old when Marina rescued her."

Courtesy: Marina Tarashevska

"It was meant to be and the hungry kitten turns out to be one of the coolest cats ever," Marina added.

The friendly feline absolutely loved the car ride home and was very affectionate toward her rescuer.

Courtesy: Marina Tarashevska

When Jamie learned about the kitty's story, she knew she had to have her.

She took her in, and the adorable tabby hasn't stopped purring since. She named her Savannah.

Courtesy: Jamie Christian

Not only does Savannah adore people, but she also loves Jamie's dogs.

"She must have charmed them. She loves my 16-year-old dog," Jamie told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Jamie Christian

Now the kitty follows her human mom around the house, talks to her in meows and chirps.

"I'm also in school to be a nurse, and she has no problem getting in the way of my study sessions," Jamie told Love Meow. Savannah loves to offer a "helping" paw.

Courtesy: Jamie Christian

A few months ago, Savannah walked up to a kind-hearted woman, meowing for love.

With a second chance at life, she's now smiling in her forever home, happy and loved.

Courtesy: Jamie Christian

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