Cat Mama Refuses to Sleep Protecting Her Kittens Until They are Safe!

Cat Mama Refuses to Sleep Protecting Her Kittens Until They are Safe!


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A stray tabby gave birth to five tiny kittens in a shed. She stayed awake for days caring and protecting her babies despite her own sickness and exhaustion.

Around mid August, a man found the feline family and brought them to Purrfect Pets, a rescue group in Overland Park, Kansas, for help.


"Momma had a severe skin infection on her belly that made feeding the babies almost impossible," Holly, foster mom, told Love Meow.

Despite the constant pain, Mama tried everything she could to keep her kittens fed. "She was being tough but would scream when they tried nursing."

Holly took them in to foster. For the first time in a while, Mama felt comfortable enough to get some shut-eye.

"That's when she started realizing she could rest."

Mama finally got some rest.@pawsofoz

"She slept for hours and hours. It was like she knew her babies were OK and she could heal," Holly told Love Meow.

All the kittens were underweight and in poor condition due to fleas. Holly had to separate them from their mama so she could have a chance to recover.


After several baths and a lot of feedings overnight, the kittens got much stronger the next day.

Snuggling with their surrogate mom for some much-needed TLC while their mama was recovering.

On day three, momma was healing well and feeling so much better. She insisted on being with her kittens and feeding them on her own.

"She was back at it so I kept supplementing til her milk supply got full again."

Mama's unconditional love!

A week later, the kittens graduated from the nursery and moved onto their human's bed.

Mama was named Violet Gray (mama), and the kittens, Charlie, Linus van Pelt, Lucy, Marcie, and Patty.


Mama Violet Gray is so proud to see her babies learn new things and thrive.

She tells Holly how grateful she is every day. "When I'm around she wants all my attention and love."


The kittens are healthy and eating like champs!

They are full of curiosity and are constantly plotting their next bit of mischief.


With mama's unconditional love and a comfortable foster home, look at them now!


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