Kittens Saved from Under Wooden Walkway, Mother Cat is Ecstatic After Reunion


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A group of good Samaritans worked together to save five kittens from under a wooden walkway, and reunited them with their cat mother.


Good Samaritans heard meowing coming from under a wooden walkway near a restaurant in Pleasanton, California. With help from the vet staff of Pleasant Veterinary Hospital, they were able to rescue the kittens from underground. As soon as they saw the babies, they knew just where their mama might be.

When the hospital learned about the kittens from the manager of the restaurant, Danika Bellmer and Natasha Janes joined the group of concerned residents in a mission to save the kittens.


They pulled the wooden planks from the walkway, and found a total of five kittens about the age of one week.

Photo: Pleasanton Veterinary Hospital

Five fur babies (2 males and 3 females) napping with another tiny rescue kitten at their foster home.

Photo: Tara Reichert

It turns out that a few days before, a young stray cat who appeared to have just had babies, came up to one of their veterinarians according to Patch. They took her in but couldn't find her kittens until they were alerted by the restaurant manager.

Photo: Pleasanton Veterinary Hospital

Now they saw the kittens and their resemblance to the cat they rescued, they knew right away that these fur babies belong to the stray cat mama.

Photo: Pleasanton Veterinary Hospital

When they brought the kittens to the mama cat, she was ecstatic and started grooming and nursing her babies immediately. It was a happy reunion.

Photo: Pleasanton Veterinary Hospital

Protective mama cuddling with her own babies and her new adopted kitten, giving them unconditional love.

Photo: Pleasanton Veterinary Hospital

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