Paralyzed Cat Mom Drags Herself to Her Kittens so She Can Continue Caring for Them


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A calico cat mother is paralyzed in her hindquarters, but nothing can keep her away from her kittens. She dragged herself to her babies so she could continue mothering them despite what happened to her.

Meet Princess and her babies.

Photo: Kirrily Smith @Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue

Before Princess the cat became paralyzed, she gave birth to a litter of five kittens in a yard where she had been getting food from. The kittens are her everything.

But her world turned upside down, when she entered another yard where she was faced with brutality, and it left her paralyzed.

Her determination to care for her babies kept her alive, and she dragged herself back to the place where she left her babies.

When Dee Walton, owner of Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue at Weston, NSW, Australia, found out about Princess and her ordeal, she rushed to save the cat mama.

Photo: Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue

A kind lady, who had been feeding the cat, called the RSPCA, and they took the mama cat and her babies in.

It turns out that the cat mother has a microchip and they were able to track down the owner who later relinquished the cats to the shelter.

Photo: Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue

Walton quickly stepped forward to take in the entire furry family, so they could get the care and love they so deserve.

Despite what happened to Princess, she continues to love and give. She's completely devoted to her babies day and night.

Photo: Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue

The person responsible for Princess' injuries has been arrested.

The rescue group is working on a plan to get momma cat her very own wheelchair, so she can move freely again.

Photo: Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue

This amazing calico mama never gave up on her kittens despite her fate. Her kittens were the reason that kept her going because she knew they needed her.

Mama caring for her kittens around the clock, keeping them fed and cleaned.

Photo: Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue

Princess cuddling with her precious babies.

Her motherly love triumphs!

Photo: Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue

What an incredible mama!

Here, she's getting replenished after feeding her very squirmy babies.

You can help Princess and support their rescue efforts by visiting Sawyer Gully Animal Rescue's Facebook page.

(h/t: thedodo)

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