Rescue Siamese Cat Gives Birth to Four All Stripey Tabbies!

Rescue Siamese Cat Gives Birth to Four All Stripey Tabbies!


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Rescue Siamese Mix Maggie was very pregnant when she came to her foster home.

Maggie was extremely pregnant when she came to her foster home. "This is Maggie, a young Siamese-mix. (She) was bounced around between a couple of shelters until I offered to take her in," said Cindy the foster mom of Foster_Kittens.

The Siamese mama cat taken in by The Humane Society for Seattle/King County is believed to be 12 to 18 months old.

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Maggie and one of her Maglets, Elliott, smiling in his sleep.

Maggie gave birth to four, perfect little Maglets a week ago. "We are exhausted and so proud of our strong and brave land seal!" Cindy wrote on Facebook.

To their surprise, none of the babies inherited mama Maggie's markings. "There are two boys and two girls. They have swirls and spots that make me think their dad was part Bengal. Maybe they'll get Maggie's stunning personality.... I can't wait to see how their spots and stripes develop as they grow," she added.

Maggie the Siamese mom cat gave birth to four little fur balls. All little leopard seals! None are Siamese coloring!

Someone give Maggie an award for the most cuddly momma cat! The babies' names are Paste, Sadie, Piper, Elliot and Rory.

Sadie's little arm barely makes a dent in Maggie's whiskers.


Maggie, Sadie and Elliott. Photobomb by Rory's leg.

WATCH VIDEO: Maggie first day at her foster home. She was extremely pregnant and super sweet!

WATCH VIDEO: Four Maglets snuggling with their momma.

Share this adorable story of Maggie the Siamese mom and her 4 tabby babies.

WATCH VIDEO: Mama giving her babies baths and lots of love!

Update: All the kitties and mama have been adopted!

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