Runty Tortie Rescued by a Kind Lady who Came Back for Her

Runty Tortie Rescued by a Kind Lady who Came Back for Her


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Seven tiny kittens were found in the forest by a kind lady. One of them was especially tiny and needed extra love.

Here she is, in the back, second from the right, with her six siblings.

Photo by @foster_kittens

Fosterer Cindy of Foster Kittens shares the story with Love Meow: "Two weeks ago, a nice lady was out for a walk and heard kittens crying in the forest. Following their mews, she found seven, 3-week old kittens near the body of their deceased mother. The mother was a tortoiseshell cat and appeared to have been hit by a car, but had made it back to where her kittens were before passing away. The kittens were wet, cold and crying loudly. The little runt (a tortoiseshell kitten) was limp and seemingly lifeless."

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The little runt after a very needed bath..

Photo by @foster_kittens

"The Nice Lady put all seven kittens in a box, took them to the Seattle Humane Society, and then went home and worried for two weeks, wondering if the kittens had survived. So, she called the Humane Society, who put her in touch with me."

After sharing the kitties' story on Instagram, "people from all over the world began hoping and praying for these seven orphans - especially for the frail little runt, who only weighed 5 ounces. We named her Reese, because she was the color of chocolate and peanut butter, and was small enough to fit in a little cup," Cindy said.

Reese is eating well and gained one whole ounce in twenty four hours.

Photo by @foster_kittens

"With good food, syringe-feeding for Reese every four hours, warm blankets, and lots of good luck, I was happy to report to the Nice Lady that all the babies were healthy and chubby. She was ecstatic to hear that Reese had doubled her weight."

Two runts fell asleep after purring their way through their bottles.

Photo by @foster_kittens

"The Nice Lady came to my home this afternoon to see the kittens. I told her about the prayers and love sent to these orphans from my Instagram followers, and she was completely overwhelmed with awe and gratitude. She fed Reese a little bottle of milk and cuddled her while enjoying the plump and playful kittens."

"This Nice Lady's 19-year tortoiseshell cat passed away just last night, so she has made arrangements with the Humane Society to adopt another tortoiseshell kitten. When she is big enough, little Reese and the Nice Lady will be friends forever."

Photo by @foster_kittens

Updates: Reese is much bigger now and she and her brother Boris are inseparable! (via @foster_kittens)

Photo by @foster_kittens

Update2: They went to their forever loving home together!

"Reese's new name is Natasha. Boris and Natasha."

Photo by @foster_kittens

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