Saki the Frisky Cat

Saki the Frisky Cat


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Hazel Fung from Hong Kong has four lovely cats. One of them named Saki, a four year old American Shorthair is the most active one of the bumch.

"Saki came to my home when she was around 8 months old. She was so active, frisky and loves to play with people, but not with cats. She would call me everyday to play with her," said Hazel.

Saki was born on April 4th, 2006, the same day as the National Children's Day. "Somehow I find her character just like a kid."

Saki is not a big eater. Unlike many other cats, he begs for playtime far more than food time. "Her favorite toy is Da bird which I had to order all the way from the US."

Many cat owners from Hong Kong have just recently learned about animal rescue and feral cat projects. "Now I am helping some feral cats near my home. A friend of mine is working on trapping adult cats and then having them neutered and spayed before returning them back to the wild. It is a big project and in Hong Kong projects like these are not supported by the government because not many people are aware of animal rescue and the importance of it."

Saki and her siblings have become an inspiration for their mommy to reach out and help those in need.

Photos courtesy of ©Hazel Fung.

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