Saltwater Taffy, The Lobster Claw kitty

Saltwater Taffy, The Lobster Claw kitty


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Meet Saltwater Taffy, the Lobster Claw kitty.

She was found and rescued from a backyard in Philadelphia one night. "The shelter noticed right away that there was something very different about this five week old kitten: She had little lobster claw legs," they wrote on Taffy's Facebook.

Her front legs are shaped like the letter "L." According to the shelter vets, her legs are most likely the results of tendon contracture and possibly missing radial bones.

"Because she is still a baby monkey, she doesn't get around too great yet. She kind of flops around because her front legs aren't very strong. She manages to get herself to her food bowl for noms and pushes herself into a pile to lay with her two siblings."

"The good news is that aside from her lobster claws, she seems to be in pretty good health and she has already made it this far. Her foster mom isn't sure if Saltwater Taffy will ever be able to walk normally. Maybe she will be like those cats who walk on their elbows!"

They made her a sling to help her learn to walk and get stronger. Also, they have just raised enough money for lots of X-rays and ortho consult for little Taffy.

Meet Saltwater Taffy, the Lobster Claw Kitty

Her foster mom made a sling to try to help her learn to walk again

Saltwater Taffy and her siblings, snuggle time

Watch video:

Happy and playful Taffy

Photos via Taffy's Facebook Page.

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